Sunday, 13 February 2011

Maybe I am back

I might be back here. My life has been very dull for a while - or busy - or something. Anyway i have had no desire to write but i am working through lots of thigns right now so thought i would give an update:

The Whirlwind (small child now age 2 and some months) Saying lots of names (but not her aunts which is a source of some ammusment for me - distress for the aunt). I love her to bits but am seriously tempted to heavily drug her so she just calms down a bit - its constant and its driving me nuts. I am working very hard on my calm voice, but the whinning which we now get is really driving me crazy.

The long suffering wife - Full time looking after the whirlwind seems happy enough!

Me - working 4 days a weeks for my brothers and enjoying it but only just scraping by financially.

This is always a big topic with me - DRUM ROLL PLEASE: We are in the process of converting to Judaism! Specifically reform Judaism. This process will take us a year or 18 mnths, or something like that and an operation which the very thought of makes we want to run away. but there you have have it.

Well thats the background stuff - all the rest will come in good time. maybe